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The People Square : Your Granny Square of Representation

Let me tell you a bit about my granny square obsession, that started late in 2018. I had began to really decide what I loved the most about crocheting. I had yet to master the granny square so I decided to grab my crochet hooks and get started.

I tested out many available Youtube videos and I made some African Violet Squares

After crocheting these African violet squares, I was really interested in adding some crochet images in square form to my blanket. I searched and searched and could not find a crochet Afro image within a square. I started to think about crocheting a square with an afro image within it.

So I set out to do this, and by January 2019 I was getting my pattern together. I made the pattern simply by trying to start with a circle and then turn it into a square. You can see my first attempt was interesting. I was excited that what I visualized worked out in the end!

I started to crochet a few of the Afro granny Squares and the crochet pattern kept evolving. I was hooked.

After I had the idea down, I began exploring how I could crochet this granny square less granny looking by adding the embellishments like the ribbon.

I began to experiment with the crown on the crochet image, and added the other crochet squares to the African Violet Squares. Things really began to come together! I was excited to test out my crochet pattern, and I was in the stages of testing through the Black Girls Crochet Page on Facebook. I took another look at my square and my son said "the ladies need a shirt on mom, they aren't dressed."


I began to see what he meant. How are you going to make a face with the hair all done and no clothing? Details Sonia, details. So, I stopped testing my Afro granny square for a few more months until I was finished with the design aspect. Once again. I learned that rushing does not serve my creative process.

My final edit of the Afro granny square was when I began to experiment with free form slip stitching the hair styles onto the square surface. I find this part of the process to be very freeing. I enjoy getting creative and designing the perfect hairstyle. As I begun to experiment with all of the different possibilities I was so excited.

Years later, and many many pattern tests as well, I have arrived at a final pattern! I am offering the People square crochet pattern for sale in my shop, and I would love to see what you crochet. The People Squares are so versatile and there is a huge trend with crochet and knit clothing and home decorations from crochet squares. The possibilities are endless

This is my most treasured crochet pattern. The reason being that you can create any race of person and gender. The crochet interpretation is up to you, the crocheter. As you crochet your people granny squares, I would love it if you would tag me in your posts on Facebook, and Instagram. Let's crochet diversity and inclusion together. Represent yourself and loved ones with the people square granny square.

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