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Take a Break Before Dinner : Prioritizing Self Care for Entrepreneur Moms

Hey Mom Artists, How are we all doing out there? Have you figured out your schedule yet? Have you made a meal plan so that you can work on all the business tasks? I can tell you from experience, that you will only find the time if you make the time. Setting boundaries of time and space around your business and personal time is key. Delegating responsibility, and asking for some help in areas that you need is also helpful. But really, you just have to take charge.

I took a hot bath today after school pick up. I used a homemade bath oil that I made for myself in a crockpot. I smell so good right now, and I am very moisturized.

Usually I worry and fret about getting everyone finished their chores and work. Usually, I fret because my mother seems hungry and - is she gonna faint? Well, as I have been saying a lot, I got serious about meal planning - so dinner on the table? Whenever you're ready. Are they all really ready to eat dinner at 4:30? NO!!!

My children have a snack when they get home from school, and sometimes they play in the backyard, or with their friends for quite some time. So I thought - why not wash off all the stress of the day and not shout so much because I need to unwind after my work day? That seemed very smart to me. Growing up, Dad would always shower before dinner and seemed so refreshed and energized as he recounted his experiences.

Well. Why should the hard working man get all the relaxation and self care of a shower before dinner? Moms everywhere better try this. Put dinner on hold ( I gave mom a snack) and go have a hot steamy luxurious shower. I like to shower, and then have a bath ( give the tub a wash out with vinegar before to avoid grossness) and set the timer. Set a verbal boundary and make sure the bathroom is out of bounds for 30-40 minutes. Tell the children to set the table and go do what they do without injury. Or - let them watch a television show. For goodness sakes, go, put the ear plugs in and leave the children with an adult who has capability for the 30 mins.

Here's a slightly scary idea...Take a bath as a single mother before dinner. I only suggest this if your children will not end up wrecking the peace and home while in the shower. Its a thought though, and something to work towards. One day the children will be old enough to fend for themselves for 30 minutes while you decompress. The best thing about this bath is that I planned to do it this morning before I left for work... So I looked forward to it all day. When I successfully pulled it off, with only one phone call interruption - I was so happy. I am doing it again next week. Dinner was a hit as well, and it was nice for them to watch a television show with their Grandma, and share vibes.

So here's the thing, you want to start making it a practice to prioritize your self care and self worth. Especially if you have children. You want your children to learn to take breaks and not overextend themselves. You want your children to observe you valuing yourself, and your business and your time applied to both. Just now, I got interrupted to answer a question that could wait. It was about two nickels. The thing is - I also promised in 10 minutes that I will stop writing and then He can have my full attention. Its tough at first but its so important that you give yourself the love that you deserve. Your business is important so make sure you are actively putting the energy behind it that you should. Self care is paramount. I am glad I found more ways for it today, and I am happy to share my relief tactics with you. Go forth Mom Artist, bathe, shower, and then feed the subjects.

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