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  • Sonia

Orange Clove Bath Oil

I made this oil because I hate to waste any food items, and I like to use natural products.

I use this oil in my self care baths and I just strain the cooked product through a strainer.

I literally don't measure things, I just adjust my recipe as I use the product, and perfect each batch to my liking over time.

Here's the recipe

One grapefruit sliced (organic)

One orange sliced (organic)

Cloves 1/4 cup

Olive oil 1/2 cup

Clean water 1/2 cup

Simmer all ingredients in the crackpot on low for 3 hours.

Cool completely and then strain and store in the fridge. I like to add two tablespoons of this to my bath. The scent of cloves is delicious and lingers in fragrance long after your bath... I also don't need to moisturize as much after this bath. The aromatherapy is lovely and soothing.

I pour the water that separates from the oil into my bath as well.

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