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How to be a Mom and Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

If art is defined by creativity and tapping into it, then caregivers aka Moms - are creating art daily in our personal lives. Momming is Art!

Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿพ ,

I'm Sonia, and I design and run the Crochezcray brand. I am a full time mother, artist, and entrepreneur.

I have started including all of these experiences in one full time job. I put all of my efforts into all of these tasks and in order to be a mompreneur you have to handle them all.

Scheduling is key, and you do want to have boundaries for family, art and self care. When it's all said and done, you have to shed the guilt about completing all your tasks and choose happiness. The reality is, the creativity involved in even trying to achieve all these things - is art. The art of caregiving - #momart

What is Mom Art?

I made Roasted chicken in the air fryer the other day. The boys and John ate it up in sandwiches and I felt like it was a low effort win. The key was preparation and I left it on a set timer in a low effort style. The boys said "Wow mum! It's like an actual restaurant in here!" and of course I agreed with them when I backed away smiling.

I also decided that I would sit by myself with my sandwich that evening and self care after cooking. The big win about all of this is that the planning creates time for my entrepreneur work and experiences.

There are times when my big win is not dinner, its laundry. Heyyyyy the mountain has been removed from the couch. Cel-e-brate. Sometimes, it's the art of showering during homeschooling that I excel at. What we are not going to do, is accept guilt and shame about prioritizing self care and joy from entrepreneurship.

I live to create with my arts, and I claim it with my business and how I continue to give to my happy family. The real point is to have that happy through your crafts and arts.

Let's Celebrate The Art of Momming.

I would like to create a challenge to photograph your regular mom stuff - like laundry, dinner, matching socks, because YOU creatively did that! I would also love to see moments of self care! if you squeezed in 15 mins of alone time that did not include picking up groceries #momart can encourage fellow mompreneurs to put work and self care first without guilt because its all art.

Motherhood requires self care

What we are going to try, is to prioritize self care. After dropping your children off at school, did you used to speed away blasting gangster hip hop? Live your life. You're still a person. During this unusual time, what are you adding for self care? It's #momart for sure to create those moments of self care.

Its time to get credit for matching boys outfits and changing out ripped knees, while jumping into another space to create, and build a business while riding a bike, and the seat is missing, and the post for the seat is on fire.

If you do not need credit that's fine too, we can shed light on the roles of women in families and the potential for burn out.

I hope during this challenging time, that we as mom's are all easier to ourselves. We need to shed the guilt moms feel and replace it with self care and understanding. If it were up to me, and I'm sure many agree - it would be crafts, crochet, and knitting all day. I'm busy #momming and building my empire. Guilt free.

Are you looking for more like minded creative moms? Follow the hashtag #momart and letโ€™s build an inclusive community. Celebrate the art of motherhood.

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