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Denying Self Care is Bad for Business

I have been thinking about this one for a while. Business burn out and mommy burnout is not ideal. Establishing a self care routine for yourself is good for business. Self care as I would describe it is to be present with your own needs. This can be challenging to create. You can get better with practice and consistency though. The thing is to balance, and that looks different to everyone. I am a big believer that self love heals everything, and self care helps to grow your love. When you grow your love for yourself, you will have the same love for your business and brand.

We are all at different points of healing. You may be working on your self worth more than another person is, and that is okay. Do not let other people steer your path and experience that way. After working on my self worth, I am glad to share that eventually you realize that we are all worthy just by being here. I encourage you to treat yourself to self care to assert your worthiness. I encourage you to spend some time Knitting, Crocheting, and connecting to yourself. If you enjoy other forms of self care, bring them out and splurge on your senses for a change. When you consider your business, you should balance your self care with work.

I really insist on my balance because I have lived a chaotic life before. Its extremely stressful to be over scheduled and then not taking time for oneself. Its a bad idea in general. As I think about this I remember sitting in the Doctors office one day when my youngest was 1 year old and my eldest was 5 - and I was overwhelmed. I was trying to please everyone in my life and not myself. I was also at my lowest space in terms of self worth. I knew I needed to shift things in my life but I was still in that people pleasing mindset where everything else came first. Everyone else came first.

I had such a resentment to the path I was on so I began to make small changes, and put myself first. I was still saying I had a business, but I wasn't taking it seriously yet, if I was also last for self care. The first thing I did was start setting boundaries. I also needed to relinquish control in some situations and learn to delegate responsibility to others and back away and TRUST. I needed to understand the work in running a business so I took a course. This was a big step for me, because I needed to depend on others, and take my time at school seriously. This was doubly challenging because I had to start setting more time aside for the children in the little time I had after childcare pick up - and single motherhood left me riddled with guilt - so I would give in more with my time for my children.

I found setting a time boundary and a space boundary with my children and partner difficult until 2020 locked us inside. I started to take self care more seriously then. I was aware of how many times I was asked to serve snacks, meals, and how often I was reinforcing routines. I was also more aware of how I was regulating everyone's emotions in my home. Then my father passed away. I started to run around the track, and we welcomed Reign(dog) into our home. What was I thinking? I love her and would not change a thing - but it was another schedule and more tasks. I did not find that running was helping me. Then I experienced separation. I thought I would never get to relax again. After a few months of not hitting anymore business goals, and only meeting everyone else's needs I caught the pattern and had a sit down with myself. I recognized impostor syndrome and decided to work harder on my worthiness. I was determined, and took some major steps to change what was holding me back.

Today, I can say that I have a very full plate. I have learned my self worth now though, and that is the difference. My business is tied to my dreams and I must see it through. I have gotten very serious and am giving to all areas of my life now - with me on the top of the list. I make time for quietness, and all the joys within. I have time for my family, and a job. I have time for myself - so that I have time for everything. I learned to say 'no' and set boundaries. I learned to say yes to my needs. Health , nutrition, Art and Leisure time are all important. My children are learning that my business is important and that my time with them is too. They are learning boundaries that they can exercise with their friends and family. The best thing about self care and your business is that you arrive ready to give. The best thing about self care is that you can give. Its not just a saying that you must fill your cup first. We as humans are energy Beings and throughout our experience we deplete energy. Self care recharges that. Shed the feeling that there needs to be a special reason to care for yourself. Your children are observing the way you treat yourself too.

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