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Can Mom Get an Easy Day? Battling Burnout.

Mothers with small businesses deserve one day (or even half a day ) that is lower on their stress levels. How do you plan for ease in your schedule so that you don't burn out? I found that unless I schedule that downtime in the week I would end up shouting. I find the balancing and regulating emotions along with my business schedule hectic at times. Caregivers have to plan a day with ease just to keep ourselves sane. How do you do this?

Entrepreneurs are prone to burnout, add a caregiving role and you can bet that you will burn out in some way. Crochet and Knitting help to keep us grounded and give you that self care that we daily need. What about a day with special care for the caregiver? We do this in small ways - for example, serving leftovers for dinner, skipping chores for one night, or watching a movie on a weekday. it's important to create things for yourself to look forward to.

I do enjoy routine, but I must break uniformity too. Things have to get shaken up once a week or its like the movie Groundhog Day. Moms deserve regular breaks. For the mental load of it all - you must schedule ease into the busy week. How do I do that?

I plan a day where I pay special attention to the needs of everyone in a small way. I also plan to make things easier on myself since I am the scheduler.

I usually play a card game with my youngest son, offer ice cream and Television time for my eldest son, and have nice dinner with my mom and children since that's what mom likes. For myself, I make sure to have a Long Hot bath while they watch Tv, and I set a boundary on them (including mom!) interrupting me. I take a break from all chores that won't derail progress, and that's it. The thing is to prioritize a little something special for everyone as a whole. That way, these nights of 'ease' will become the norm and you can look forward to it each week. imagine how relaxed you would be! Think of all the creative energy you'd have to spare for your business.

More importantly, when you are being creative with the schedule, if you are not disturbing a routine that is necessary to your child, or loved one - you are showing them how to be flexible. You are also letting them see you in a valuable position that prioritizes some downtime for yourself. I am raising Men, and I must say that I would like them to be able to understand the needs of their partners and not be surprised when dinner is at a different time, or they are left to make a sandwich one day. I am smashing the patriarchy for sure, because I live with my mother and its Goddess vibes all around. Surely, my boys are attaching to the need for moms and caregivers to have balance and variety in their lives.

Mothers Day is fast approaching and we must start designing our lives more as mothers and caregivers. Plan self care for more than one day - Mothers day is everyday. You give to yourself so that you can continue giving in the ways that you do. This

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